Dinner with Kenna Rae!

We had Kenna Rae over for dinner tonight – what a bundle of energy!  She helped me clean the kitchen and TV room while Travis picked up some groceries, and then she helped me make salad while Trav took care of the rest of the meal.  Then she ate all the foods I asked her to.  She didn’t really want to leave, but it’s a school night, so it had to be done.

The Menu

  • Hamburgers on the grill
  • Grilled Asparagus
  • Salad
  • Crispy Crowns


Quick patties from the grocery store, thrown on the grill.  Trav & I had blue cheese on ours, and Kenna Rae asked for “normal, yellow cheese.”  We had Tilamook Cheddar, so that’s what she got.  She thought they were good except for the “burned parts,” so I cut those off as best I could.  Trav & I also had sprouts on ours (we have them on tacos too).  Kenna didn’t want any “tiny things” on her burger, so she just had a cheese burger with ketchup.

Grilled Asparagus

Trav trimmed the asparagus and added some butter & pepper and wrapped it in aluminum foil and popped it on the upper rack of the grill.  He left it there until it was tender, but not mushy.  Beautiful.


Kenna & I tore leaves of spinach, lettuce, and field greens and added the last of the pea shoot leaves to the salad.  Kenna asked for tomatoes, and I shredded some carrots as well.  Trav and I used our home-made blue cheese dressing, and Kenna asked for dressing too, so I used some of the milder, store-bought dressing for hers.  She liked the dressing fine, but there was one chunk of blue cheese in her serving (even though I tried to avoid it).  She ate it, but then scrunched up her face, made a retching noise, and pronounced, “this tastes disgusting!”  She drank some milk and was okay.  So she doesn’t mind blue cheese dressing, but blue cheese itself is just awful.

Crispy Crowns

Trav introduced me to these years ago.  They’re exactly the same as Tater Tots, but shorter and wider (more disc-shaped).  They’re made by Ore-Ida, and we just follow the directions for oven baking.  We like them on the crispy side, so we keep them in there until they get to that stage.  Although baking doesn’t make them a health food by any means, they are delicious as a treat (especially a treat for little girls that already ate two pieces of asparagus and a serving of salad)!


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