Farmer’s Market!!!

So the CSA doesn’t begin for another couple of weeks, but I’ve been dying for fresh, local, organic produce.  I’ve been to the farmer’ market in the Proctor district a few times, and purchased their early season veggies – that involved several salads, and we did make home-made blue cheese dressing.  But this is the first week that we really stocked up on a variety of produce, specifically in order to prep a menu for the week.  I’m excited for this week’s food.  Here’s what we got:

  • Spinach (3 pounds)
  • Lettuce (1 large, beautiful head)
  • Spring Mix (1/2 pound)
  • Asparagus (2 pounds)
  • Apples (7)

We’re going to be making:

  • Pasta with asparagus and goat cheese
  • Wilted Spinach and asparagus salad
  • Various salads throughout the week
  • An apple a day for me

I’m so excited to have the CSA starting up again, and I was saying so to Travis.  He agreed that it’s exciting, and I asked him if he was sure.  I’m certain that we participate in the CSA because it’s so important to me to eat local, fresh, organic produce and because I love knowing who grew our food.  I was sure that Travis just went along with the whole process.  As you may know from reading the early posts on this blog, we only started being successful using our share without a lot of waste last (our third) year.  I’m glad that we’re both finally at the point that we’re excited to begin the year.  There’s something wonderful about being surprised by the variation each week and meeting the challenge to use the veggies we get.  It’s also wonderful how the CSA season encourages our veggie intake!

Another big step this year:  we’re finally composting.  Over the years of CSA, I’ve been dismayed with how much green waste was going into our trash can.  Since Tacoma doesn’t offer curbside composting, and since our yard waste bins are only intended for “small amounts” of fruit and vegetable waste, we were tossing all our scraps in the trash.  Lame.  So we created the most basic composting system possible and we’re trying to keep our green waste out of the landfills.  Better late than never!


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