Pumpkin Ravioli Reprise

Tonight, Trav & I tried a new version of the pumpkin ravioli from Monday. Trav briefly boiled the lasagne noodles before making the raviolis, and they seemed to stick together better than they previously had. Additionally, Travis is not as scared of reducing sauces as I am. I really don’t have any of the skills necessary to reduce a sauce. I can’t estimate what 1/2 cup of chicken broth will look like once it’s reduced from 2 cups. I can’t imagine what the cream and broth mixture will look like when it then reaches the correct volume. Add to that my tendancy to get distracted when cooking and forget that I should be watching a sauce, and you’re looking at an embarrassing possibility for mistakes. So Travis is now in charge of all sauces that need to be reduced. Maybe I’ll one day be able to accomplish this, but right now it just fills me with anxiety – if I look away for a moment, will the saucepan evaporate all the liquid and leave me with a charred mess of shallots? I’ll leave the tasty sauces to Trav until I can handle a little more technical cooking.


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