Wednesday: Change of plans

Isn’t it just the way that the “best laid plans” always need to get changed?  Tonight was supposed to be Tacos with Mexican Rice, which I was going to make when I got home from the Pilates section of ballet class (around 7, which would get the rice finished about the time Trav got home from work).  However, I started helping one of the ballet kids with their algebra homework (I love algebra), and ended up staying an hour and 1/2 later than I planned.  So there was not going to be any dinner that takes an hour to prep.  On my way out of the ballet school, I ran into a friend of mine that mentioned a pizza special going on at one of our go-to take out places.  $10 for a large 8-topping.  So I let Trav decide when I got home – buy cheap pizza or make the stir-fry that was scheduled for Friday (Thursday’s meal is even more time-consuming).  He was on the fence a while (it’s more frugal to eat what we have/we’re out of sesame oil & hoisin/if we don’t spend money on dinner, we’ll stay under-budget for the week/I really want pizza, etc.), but he ended up opting to order pizza, so we did.  We actually ended up ordering two extra-large pizzas, because they’re only $2 more on special, and we like different things on our pizza.  So it was one pie loaded with virtually all the veggies they offer, and one with a ton of veggies & some sausage and bacon as well.  All in all, it was tasty and was enough for multiple meals.  Now we’ll just need to plan that stir-fry for lunch one day soon.


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