Menu February 1st-7th

The menu this week doesn’t have many things that we haven’t done already, but it’s just that time of year for us.  Once the new CSA season begins, we’ll once again be inspired with the fresh and the novel.  For now, I’m just glad we’re not terribly tired of our old favorites!

  • Monday: Frozen Pizza with Lela
  • Tuesday: Leftovers (we’ve got to eat all these before they go bad!)
  • Wednesday: Tacos with Mexican Rice, Pinto Beans & Squash
  • Thursday: we’re going to try this recipe for Carnival Squash Soup
  • Friday: Trav’s Fried Rice
  • Saturday: Dinner with Miss Erin – she always manages to cook something wonderful!
  • Sunday: I’m teaching all day, and Travis works in the morning, so it will likely be leftovers for us again.  I’ll have to be sure to make enough taco ingredients to get us through!

We may purchase some heavy cream for the soup (the recipe says it’s optional), but other than that, we’re set with food for this menu.  We’ll likely need to do a grocery run for cat food and cereal, but I really have been feeling like we’ve got a ton of food in the house.  Granted, not a lot of it is fresh produce (although I think this brings us down to just one more of our fall CSA winter squash before I drive out to the farm to purchase more).


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