Tuesday: Spaghetti & Meatballs and Squash & Vegetables

I enjoyed our squash pasta sauce so much last week, I thought I’d use one of our remaining squashes in a similar recipe.   I thought I’d throw in some extra vegetables, which will be direct from our freezer this time, being outside our normal CSA season.  My sister and I were shopping one day, picking up some snacks for something.  We grabbed a box of Triscuits, and were looking for some cheese to go with them.  Heather picked out a cream cheese with vegetables mixed in, and I asked why she was choosing that one.  She mentioned that although the vegetable content per serving wasn’t much, it was more than the other cheese options, and she figured that any time you have a chance to substitute vegetables of any kind for other types of food, you should do so.  Especially when you will enjoy the results as much or more than you would have without the veggies!

This time we had a few problems.  Problem 1: both Trav & I combined the hamburger with a bread & milk panade, so the meatballs actually ended up pretty much falling apart and bland.  If we’d used buttermilk (as we often do), they would have been tangy instead of bland, but they still would have been falling apart.  Problem 2: the fancy new feature I discovered on our stove does not adjust the cooking time as necessary for something as ambiguously timed as winter squash.  So I’d set the squash to cook for 40 minutes, but it still was not done when we got home.  Problem 3: We’d used the acorn squash last time, which almost dissolved into the sauce.  This time, I thought that spaghetti squash would be more appropriate.  I knew that it wouldn’t act the same as acorn squash, but I thought that the special stringyness that it has would blend well with the spaghetti noodles.  It was fine, but it didn’t add any richness or depth of flavor, and the new texture wasn’t that much of an improvement.

All in all, none of these problems were huge.  The meal was still decent, just not as fabulous as it was last time.


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