Menu November 15th through 22nd

Here’s the plan:

  • Sunday: Cauliflower Gratin
  • Monday: Root Vegetable Gratin
  • Tuesday: Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Cheese
  • Wednesday: Chicken Vegetable Soup with Ginger
  • Thursday through Sunday: Bellevue Bead Festival

This week includes the 2nd Annual Bellevue Bead Festival, which completely messes with the whole menu plan!  Thursday after I teach ballet class, Travis will be driving me up the road so we can set up classrooms for the Bellevue Bead Festival.  I’ll then stay there until we pull the show down on Sunday.  Travis will be on his own, with free reign to cook & eat anything we have on hand.  I can predict that there will be steamed cabbage and plain roasted beets on the menu.  I’ll find out what else he does food-wise on Sunday when I’m home again.  As for me, there will be snacking on cheese & crackers as well as restaurant meals throughout the weekend.  I know that Saturday night is likely to be at the Red Lion restaurant and that there’s likely to be at least one meal at the Azteca next to the Sheraton.

On Saturday, Travis will be driving our shuttle between hotels, so neither of us will be making it to the Proctor Saturday Market to pick up our share.  We told Valerie yesterday when we picked up our share from her that Trav would be coming out to the farm sometime after Thursday afternoon.

You may notice that this week doesn’t include any squash.  At all.  It’s not in fact that I’m tired of it after having squash almost every meal last week.  It’s not that we ran out (after picking up the share yesterday, we now have 12 in assorted varieties).  It’s not that I feel vaguely canniblistic after finding out that my friend Christine’s baby should be approximately the size of a butternut squash this week.  Really, it’s that we have other veggies that will go bad if we don’t use them, and the squash will keep for a while.  It’s meant to do best in a cool, dark place and then will keep for several weeks.  It’s currently being stored on a stool/side-table in our uninsulated breakfast nook and although it’s exposed to sunlight during the day but in these short, cloudy Northwest days, it seems to be doing just fine.  So I’ve shifted my attention to the items in our crisper that are currently looking good but won’t likely make it until the 23rd when I’m back in the groove next week.  I do have a project on Trav’s list to build a root vegetable storage cabinet in this room so that our winter squash, onions, potatoes and shallots will last even longer, but that cabinet is fairly far down on his to-do list (after “fix the trooper so Travis doesn’t drive the 1977 Volare every day” and “build a cabinet for the large pots & pans in the kitchen”.  The vegetable cabinet might be higher on the list than “build a cabinet in the kitchen for the appliances, cutting boards, microwave & prep bowls” – we’ll see!).

Grocery List:

Top Foods ($9.49)

  • Cream
  • Butter

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